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Qualitative Methods Working Group

With funding from the Cornell Center for Social Sciences, the Qualitative Methods Working Group brings together social science faculty and researchers from around the campus who are teaching, employing, and developing qualitative research methods. Bringing together scholars from such disciplines as Anthropology, Communication, Development Sociology, Policy Analysis & Management, STS, Sociology, and City & Regional Planning, the Qualitative Methods Working Group creates a space for interpretive social scientists to build community and share resources across Cornell.

The goals of this working group are to:

  1. Increase the coordination and collaboration among Cornell faculty who teach, employ, and develop qualitative research methods
  2. Increase the visibility and awareness of qualitative methodological opportunities among the social sciences at Cornell
  3. Enhance the social science qualitative research methods training at Cornell

Working Group Leader:

Lee Humphreys, Associate Professor, Communication (teaches Comm 6830)


  • Dario Azzellini, Fellow, Latin American Studies Program (taught DSoc 6150)
  • Victoria Beard, Professor, City & Regional Planning (taught CRP 6201)
  • Trevor Pinch, Professor, STS and Sociology (taught Soc/STS 6310/6311)
  • Lucinda Ramberg, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Katherine Sender, Professor, Communication and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Sharon Strasser, Professor, Policy Analysis & Management
  • Linda Shi, Assistant Professor, City & Regional Planning (will teach CRP 6201 in Fa ‘19)
  • Sofia Villenas, Associate Professor, Anthropology (taught Anthro 7409)
  • Maureen Waller, Associate Professor, Policy Analysis & Management, (taught PAM 6040)
  • Marina Welker, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Lindy Williams, Professor, Development Sociology

If you’re interesting in joining our group or learning more, please email Lee Humphreys at lmh13.