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New Media & Society Working Group

The New Media & Society Working Group is led by Professors Lee Humphreys, Brooke Duffy, and Katherine Sender in the Dept of Communication along with doctoral students who come together to read each others’ research, explore new research, and work through ideas together. Primarily drawing on critical, discursive, and qualitative methods, we explore the role of new media technologies in the world today.

Our current members include Chelsea Butkowski, Ngai Keung Chan, Sara Eddleman, Megan Sawey, and Colten Meisner.

Previous NM&S members include:

Josh Braun
Dima Epstein
Tarleton Gillespie
Megan Halpern
Caroline Jack

Tony Chung Li Liao

Elizabeth Newbury
Sandy Payette
Oya Yildirim Rieger
Leah Scolere

Recent publications from our group:

Chan, N. K. (2019). “Becoming an expert in driving for Uber”: Uber driver/bloggers’ performance of expertise and self-presentation on YouTube. New Media & Society, 21(9), 2048-2067.

Chan, N. K. (2019). The rating game: The discipline of Uber’s user-generated ratings. Surveillance & Society, 17(1/2), 183-190.

Duffy, B. E., & Chan, N. K. (2019). “You never really know who’s looking”: Imagined surveillance across social media platforms. New Media & Society, 21(1), 119-138.

Sender, K., (2020) Selling Cosmopolitanism: Same sex materials in museums in Asia, Europe and the US. Gay and Lesbian Quarterly (GLQ).

Sender, K., (2019). Creative Practice as Queer Media Pedagogy. In A. Atay and S. Pensoneau-Conway (Eds.). Queer Communication Pedagogy. New York: Routledge.

Homant, E., and Sender, K. (2019) Queer Immaterial Labor in Beauty Videos by LGBTQ-Identified YouTubers. International Journal of Communication, 13. 5386-5404.