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Internship basics and credit info

What is an internship?

An internship is the opportunity for you to gain structured, supervised plant science experience working for an approved organization or lab while getting course credit.

Your internship experience should have the level of responsibility that allows you to develop new skills, knowledge and training that facilitate learning. At the same time, the internship should serve to heighten awareness of diversity by exposing you to different lifestyles, traditions, and perspectives that are found throughout the country and the world.

Internship objectives

You should enter the internship with specific learning objectives and goals in mind.

After completing your experience you may find that you are even more excited and engaged in your coursework. Your internship should reinforce the importance of a solid educational foundation and help you focus on your educational and career goals.

Here are some specific learning objectives for interns:

  • To provide you with practical on-the-job experiences in an off-campus, plant-science-related organization or research facility.
  • To help confirm your educational and career goals.
  • To serve as a link between classroom theory and professional experiences.
  • To provide job contacts, personal references and other forms of assistance in preparation for full-time employment.
  • To expose you to multicultural experiences that will broaden your cultural landscape. Diversity refers to all of the ways people are different; including individual, group, and cultural differences. Your internship should serve as a chance to recognize that a cultural landscape refers to different lifestyles, traditions, and perspectives that can be found not only in this country but throughout the world.
  • To help you grow as a person intellectually and emotionally, and to recognize the strength of individual and collective differences.

Getting credit for internships

If you want to get course credit for an internship, you can sign up for HORT 4960:

  • Offered fall or spring. Variable credit.
  • Prerequisite: Permission of student’s advisor in advance of participation in internship programs.
  • S–U or letter grades.
  • Students must register using individual study form (available in 140 Roberts Hall) signed by faculty member who will supervise study and assign grade.
  • All HORT 4960 internship courses must adhere to CALS internship guidelines.

Guidelines for the internship employers/supervisors

Both employers and students need to be clear about what an internship is and is not.

  • An internship is not seasonal employment, but an agreement that the student will have the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of the company or lab with guided supervision and constructive critique.
  • Rotations through various aspects of the company or lab are encouraged.
  • The student will be required to satisfy particular requirements for credit and a grade, including a written report, evaluation of their experience, and an oral presentation including photos of their experience.
  • The student should be urged to maintain a weekly journal in order to record their experiences.

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