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Potato farm internships – Sacramento, PA

Sterman Masser Potato Farms is looking for summer interns for the 2020 season. The intern would be responsible for helping with crop scouting, field work, irrigation setup, potato trialing, and potential farm data management. We are looking for a hard working person who loves hands on work and is not afraid to get their hands dirty. We are looking for a reliable, independent, forward thinking candidate. Agricultural background or previous experience, as well as computer coding, is a plus. Please email Jonathan Price at for more information. Compensation is $12/hour.

Ideally we can find a candidate who is great at scouting and knows how to do basic coding using python and/or R with geospatial software. I also want to note that this farm is located in the middle of no-where so the intern would have to commute from somewhere unless a small apartment opened up in the sparse towns around. The farm is located in Amish country, so theres that if it piques interest.

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