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Urban Forestry Intern, Ithaca, NY

Job title: Urban Forestry Intern

Supervisor name: Jeanne Grace

Employer name: City of Ithaca

Hourly wage: $12

Description of position:

This position is through the Cornell Public Service Center and Federal Work Study Aid is required.

City of Ithaca Division of Parks and Forestry is municipal department that is responsible for maintaining all street trees on public streets, city parks and other green spaces in the city. The city of Ithaca is fortunate to have a very progressive and proactive Urban Forestry program and is always aiming to use the most current horticultural and construction techniques. Primary responsibility of this position is to collect data on city street & park trees and enter that information into the tree inventory database. Trees that appear to be structurally suspect or in very poor health will be reported to the City Forester for a further inspection. The position will also require assistance with Citizen Pruners Volunteer Program. This will require evening work once a week (5pm-7:30pm). Interacting with city residents in a courteous and helpful manner will inevitably be part of the position. This is a 40hr per week position ($12/hr) from mid May until mid August. Hours will be between 7am and 3:30pm weekdays with one week night required. Limited hours continuing into the Fall semester may be a possibility. Valid driver’s license is required.

Skills that will be acquired from this internship include:

  • Exposure to the daily operations and challenges of urban forestry practices
  • Exposure to science and biology behind progressive urban forestry practices
  • Leadership experience with volunteer groups

Applicants should be a second or third year student in Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Natural Resources or related field. Completion of at least one tree identification class is strongly preferred and course work in tree or forest health is preferred but additional on the job training will be provided.

Application deadline is March 5th

To apply contact:
Jeanne Grace

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