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Horticulture Internship, Poughkeepsie, NY

Horticulture Internship
The Locust Grove Estate
Poughkeepsie, NY

Application deadline: March 15, 2015
Internship Duration: Flexible: spring – fall 2015

Locust Grove is a National Historic Landmark located 80 miles north of New York City in the historic Hudson Valley. The 180 acre estate which includes the historic residence/museum within a mid 19th c. naturalistic setting, a collection of pre-WWI era gardens, and a nature preserve of over 150 acres containing miles of trails. The property was opened to the public in 1975 after 200 years as a family home. Two families were responsible for the landscape we maintain today.

Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph, spent his summers here for three decades commencing in 1842. Trained as a painter, he skillfully developed the landscape in the picturesque romantic style: “perfected” nature in the upper grounds with the dramatic natural beauty of the Hudson Valley as its backdrop. It was a popular pursuit; Locust Grove is one in a network of over 30 estates along the east side of the Hudson River that were a hotbed of landscape improvement commencing after 1830.

In 1895 Morse was succeeded by the Young family: passionate gardeners and collectors. During their 80 year residency they developed a large garden richly diverse in plants both ornamental and edible that reflect pre WWI varieties and their usage in a variety of landscape features. Our focus is primarily to maintain the Young’s vision.

As an intern, you will act as an assistant to the Director of Horticulture and be responsible for a changing day to day schedule of detailed tasks that ensure that the garden is maintained to a high standard. You will work closely with the horticultural staff and our skilled volunteers on a variety of projects that are key to our continuing success.

You will get hands on experience with planting and growing a wide variety of both ornamental and vegetable plants. You will gain insight into the unique challenges of maintaining a public garden, interacting whenever necessary with our visitors. We encourage weekly field trips to explore the wealth and variety of Hudson Valley landscapes and gardens.

Students and recent graduates of college or certificate programs in horticulture, landscape architecture, plant science and related fields seeking practical experience in a public garden are encouraged to apply.

Furnished living quarters are provided. We are located on a busy highway making a personal vehicle necessary. Unpaid internship, 40 hour week, Monday-Friday.

Questions? Contact Timothy Steinhoff or Susan MacAvery tel.: (845) 454-4500 ext.216

To apply submit a cover letter, resume and two references to:

Timothy Steinhoff
Locust Grove
2683 South Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

or by email:

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