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Student researchers, Dilmun Hill Student Farm, Ithaca

Dilmun Hill Student Farm is accepting applications for student research until January 30th, 2012. This is an exciting opportunity for students to design and implement their own field research, and to have a significant leadership position at the student farm. Plots of land on the farm are available for student research projects, and we encourage anyone who has been pondering a cool idea to take a look at the application to see if Dilmun is the right place to bring your ideas to fruition.

While we are looking for projects that are student-led, we expect that students will work closely with professor(s) to carry out their project. In the past, students have worked with professors in horticulture, soil science, and entomology on a variety of projects. Descriptions and in-depth reports of current projects on the farm are posted on the Dilmun Hill website: > Operations > Dilmun Hill

If you are interested in the position, but have further questions or want to talk about ideas, please feel free to contact Betsy Leonard, the Organic Farm Coordinator at Cornell, at

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