Growing Guides

Learn more about specific vegetables with our growing guides for more than 50 vegetables and garden ecosystems including design.seed packet

Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting (pdf)

Low-Cost Grow-Light Frame Plans (pdf)

Growing Hops in Garden

Vegetable Varieties

Selected List of Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners in New York State – Updated for 2016 season. Our latest list of vegetables that are well-adapted for home gardens in New York.

Tomato Variety Recommendations for Late Blight Resistance (pdf)

Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners – Citizen Science site describes more than 7,000 vegetable varieties, including seed sources. Gardeners rate and review which perform best in their gardens. “Like an for vegetable varieties, only we don’t sell the seed.”

New Games With Old Seed Catalogues – An award from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) will fund the Missouri Botanical Garden’s partnership with Cornell University, Harvard University and the New York Botanical Garden to encourage public participation in improving the accuracy of digitized historical materials for the online.

Gardening with Military Family Members


Plant Diagnostics: What is “wrong” with my plant? (pdf) A fact sheet to walk you through the basic steps.

Got the Blight? Which One?  (pdf – legal size) also available in 14×24 inch poster size to download and print provides the latest details on tomato & potato late blight in the United States including Information about Late Blight for Gardeners

video: What To Do if You Find Late Blight in Your Garden

Vegetable MD Online – Vegetable disease information from the Dept. of Plant Pathology including pictures and factsheets that can help you identify and cope with diseases. While much of the information is targeted at commercial growers, some of the information is useful for gardeners.

Vegetable Disease Fact sheets – From the Dept. of Plant Pathology. Targeted to commercial growers, but diagnosis information may be useful to gardeners.


Commercial Growers

Cornell Vegetables – Targeted to commercial growers, but possibly of interest to serious vegetable gardeners. Including cover crops for vegetable growers

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