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This website combines the activities/program planning tools found previously at the Garden-Based Learning blog and the gardening resources previously found at (the old site is still here).

The content has not changed, but has been reorganized to make resources more available with less clicks. We are working with Cornell Mann Library to update and turn many of the resources you will find here and turn them into factsheets.

Who is this site for?

The Garden-Based learning program at Cornell provides resources for homeowners, schools, community groups, and other “non-commercial” groups that are interested in growing food and flowers, attracting wildlife, and being good stewards of the natural world. Many Cornell resources meant for commercial lawn and farm situations have been adapted here for the “backyard” enthusiast.


From the main portal, at, you have several options:


1. Four main buttons take you to our main content areas:

ACTIVITIES for lessons, projects, and curriculum to teach children of all ages

HOW TO connects users to home and school gardening

PROGRAM TOOLS provides research links, planning tools, and fundraising tips for projects

CONNECT gives options for connecting to citizen science, volunteering, and community organizations



2. You can SEARCH multiple Cornell sites with our google custom search.


3. Browse the BLOG for up to date news and information


4. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can GET HELP by clicking this button, which will link you to your local county extension office.




Each page has a side bar for easy navigation. From any page you can access

– each of the four main content areas (ACTIVITES, HOW TO, PROGRAM TOOLS, CONNECT)

– the main portal page,

search, blog, and contact pages

– the Dept of Horticulture & Cornell University website





Comments and inquiries can be sent directly to Steve Gabriel at



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