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coverCornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home [1.8M pdf] – In simple language and informative graphics, tells you how to grow and harvest the freshest, highest-quality fruit right in your own backyard. Includes information on site selection, soil preparation, planting, pruning and training, pest and disease management, as well as how to choose the best varieties.

Recommended fruit cultivars for home gardens – Best bets for New York gardeners. Berries, grapes, tree fruit, and more. Also

Cornell classics from 1980’s:


Tree Fruit Field Guide to Insect, Mite, and Disease Pests and Natural Enemies of Eastern North America – More than 500 color photos will help you identify insects, mites, and diseases that are causing damage in the orchard, as well as beneficial insects, spiders, and mites that should be preserved.

Berry diagnostic tool – Helps identify insect, disease, and other problems.

How do I manage Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) in my garden?

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Cornell FruitĀ  – Targeted primarily for commercial growers, but still loaded with fruit information.

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