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If you missed Monday’s Horticulture Section seminar, Saving the King’s kitchen garden of Versailles: respecting the past and creating a future, featuring M. Antoine Jacobsohn, Director, Le Potager du Roi, Versailles, it’s available online.

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If you missed Monday’s Horticulture Section seminar, How New York fruit growers are addressing farm labor challenges with Tom Maloney, Senior Extension Associate, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, it’s available online.

View more Horticulture Section seminars.

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If you missed 2013 Frederick Dreer Award Winner  Lindsay Jordan’s (MS ’14) seminar Cool season viticulture in New Zealand last week, it’s available online.

The Frederick Dreer Award, administered by the Horticulture Section of the School of Integrative Plant Science, offers wonderful opportunity for one or more students to spend 4 months to up to a year abroad pursuing his or her interests related to horticulture. See the application and instructions that spells out the procedure for applying. The current cycle’s deadline is March 2, 2015.

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If you missed it last week, Alan Taylor was featured on a Growing Green segment on Time-Warner Cable News: How Can You Protect Your Seeds from Diseases? Taylor is a professor in the Horticulture Section based at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva.

“What the seed treatment would do is it would protect the seed from an attack by an insect or disease. It would be a particular material or agent that’s applied to seeds to go ahead and protect them,” said Taylor.

View the video.


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If you missed Monday’s Horticulture Section seminar, Senescence of the whole plant: a look back and a look forward, with Peter Davies, Plant Biology and Horticulture Sections, Cornell University, it’s available online. (View abstract.)

More seminar videos:



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This video was created by Eric L. Gasteiger, Videographer/Producer for Cornell University Communications (Marketing) during the November 2014 flowering of Cornell’s Titan Arum, ‘Wee Stinky’ — part of the Plant Biology Section’s Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium collection.

Gasteiger shot the overhead video with a GoPro camera suspended in the rafters of the greenhouse, syncing it with the ground-level time-lapse created from still camera shots by Craig Cramer, communications specialist in the School of Integrative Plant Science.

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Stuck inside over the holidays with some time on your hands? Catch up on some of the horticulture multimedia you didn’t have time to view last fall:

Horticulture seminar series YouTube playlist – Last fall’s seminar series featured everything from grass to forest farming to plant hunting. Here’s a sample:

School of Integrative Plant Science (SIPS) seminar playlist – Were there seminars offered by other sections that you couldn’t get to? Find many of them here, plus SIPS-wide seminars from the Smithsonian’s Kirk Johnson and Sir David Baulcombe.

Underground Air Waves: Belt Loop Beans – Looking for some ear candy? Or at least vegetables? Enjoy this plant breeding conversation with Michael Mazourek on the Edible Radio Podcast.

Have a great holiday.

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If you missed the flowering of Cornell’s Titan Arum, Wee Stinky, November 19-20, here’s a day and a half compressed into 30 seconds …

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'Wee Stinky' at dawn November 14.

‘Wee Stinky’ at dawn November 14.

While it is difficult to predict exactly when, the Cornell University Titan Arum (dubbed ‘Wee Stinky’ when it flowered for the first time in March 2012) is poised to flower again.

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Hours will be extended once the plant blooms. For updates watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

You can also view the titan arum on a live webcamtrack its growth in numbers and images, and read updates on our blog.

Cornell Daily Sun science editor Kathleen Bitter previews the impending bloom in ‘Wee Stinky’ to Bloom For First Time Since 2012.

To learn more about Titan Arums, you can also view the Titan Arum YouTube playlist. Here’s a sample:

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If you missed Monday’s seminar, Super Storm Sandy: A Tipping Point for Environmental Education? with Marianne Krasny, it’s available online.

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