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Online garden design course start July 9

garden_designx300Registration is now open for Introduction to Garden Design a distance learning course offered by the Horticulture Section in Cornell’s School of Integrative Plant Science.

The course will help you apply basic garden design techniques to your own garden. We teach an approach to gardening that is based on the principle of right plant, right place. In other words, we will consider the needs of the plant in addition to the needs of the gardener.

You’ll learn garden site analysis and apply the concepts to your personal space, gain proficiency in garden design principles and lay out a rough site plan overview of your garden design.

You will write and reflect on the process as you learn with the instructor taking an active role in this creative endeavor by providing feedback on your assignments and journal entries.

View more information and full course syllabus for Introduction to Garden Design.

Questions about the course? View FAQ or contact Chrys Gardener:

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