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Restoration Ecology video: Restoring ecosystem functions and services at Lake Treman

Students in Restoration Ecology (PLHRT 4400) presented findings from their semester-long study of Lake Treman, constructed outside Ithaca in 1930 but now mostly a sediment-filled wetland. The class, led by Tom Whitlow, professor in the Horticulture Section, spent the fall mapping the site and gathering and analyzing soil, sediment and biodiversity data in partnership with the New York State Parks Department.

“Some of their recommendations ranged from large-scale major projects for us, as far as financial and resource commitment, and other recommendations were just very simple things that we could implement just with our existing maintenance crews and things like that,” New York State Park Manager 3 Jim Brophy told the Ithaca Journal after the presentation. “We feel like we have a much better understanding of the resource now because of that, and not only the diversity of the organisms but also soil types and the history.”

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