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Seminar video: Dry farming viticultural practices in Spain

If you missed Monday’s Horticulture Section seminar,  Dry farming viticultural practices in Spain with Adam Karl, 2015 Dreer Award Recipient and PhD candidate, Graduate Field of Horticulture, it’s available online.

Learn more about the Frederick Dreer Award, which funds overseas travel by students to study horticulture topics.

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Cornell will invest in greenhouse agriculture [2016-02-03]:

New York already ranks second in greenhouse vegetable production, according to 2012 numbers from the United States Department of Agriculture. In that year, the state had 435 operations with 114 covered acres, with wholesale value on those vegetables of $27 million.

 “I am particularly excited about the fact that three contiguous regions won the [Upstate Revitalization Initiative (URI) funding] competition and that all three regions prioritized agriculture,” said Prof. Kathryn Boor, dean of Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). “A focus on agriculture makes so much sense for central New York. We have land, water, educated and progressive producers, research and development centers at Cornell in Ithaca and at Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, and a large, sophisticated consuming public all along our east coast. This public is increasingly interested in purchasing tasty, local food.”

The Finger Lakes region, including Rochester, and central New York, including Syracuse, were the other winners in the $1.5 billion giveaway of funds liberated by New York State from the big banks in a $6 billion-plus settlement making amends for the 2008 recession.

Read the whole article.

Wanted: Dilmun Hill farm managers

Join the team at Dilmun Hill Cornell’s student-run farm!

  • Take a leadership role in vegetable production, sales, and outreach.
  • Full time paid position from mid-May to late August. (Part time spring and fall.)
  • Fast-paced, exciting, and inclusive environment.

Application deadline: Friday, February 28, 2016. Learn more and apply now!

Questions? Contact Betsy Leonard: or 607-423-8366

Seminar video: Broccoli production in the Northeast

If you missed Monday’s Horticulture Section seminar, Broccoli production in the Northeast , with Thomas Björkman, associate professor, Horticulture Section, it’s available online.

Visit Björkman’s Eastern Broccoli Project website.

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CCE vegetable specialist wins Excellence in IPM award

sandy-menashaNYS IPM Program news release.

“An invaluable resource.” “Wonderful to work with.” “Always positive.” Long Island farmers know a good thing when they see it — which is why Sandra Menasha, vegetable specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) in Suffolk County, has earned an Excellence in IPM award from the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program (NYS IPM) at Cornell University.

Mark Zaweski of MKZ Farms has worked closely with Menasha for the past decade on a range of projects. “But her work with me on IPM scouting outweighs all the others,” Zaweski says.

A good scout knows how to monitor crops to estimate pest numbers — and beneficials, too. When it comes to disease and insect pests, Menasha’s what, where, and how many reports save Zaweski money. It’s a core tenet of IPM: no point treating for a pest that isn’t there.

Read the whole article.

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