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Urban soils ‘field trip’

Students in Horticultural Science and Systems (PLHRT 1101) got a glimpse of what’s going on underground Friday when instructor Frank Rossi, associate professor in the Horticulture Section, took them on a whirlwind tour of urban soils on the Cornell campus, including these highlights …

Succulents grow in ultra-light container soil mixes on Fernow Hall’s green roof:


Soils amended with compost using the ‘scoop and dump’  technique support shrubs in the bio-swales east of Rice Hall:


Sand-based soils keep the soccer field well-drained but require regular irrigation:


Unirrigated sand-based soils support tall fescue turf on living roof courtyard between Weill Hall and Biotechnology Building:


Compost-amended soils support turf in the ILR School courtyard despite wear and tear from tents and traffic. Rossi uses a penetrometer to measure soil compaction:


Turf planted on CU-Structural Soil helped us learn about why turf dies in winter along Tower Road:


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