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TwitterChat features Brewer, other garden experts

Lori Brewer

Last Friday, Horticulture Section Senior Extension Associate Lori Brewer joined a one-hour TwitterChat on gardening hosted by the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Brewer was part of a panel of experts from participating BHL member and affiliate institutions — including Smithsonian Gardens, Smithsonian Libraries, National Museum of Natural History, Missouri Botanical Garden, and Chicago Botanic Garden — who answered gardeners’ questions.

“We fired off 22 tweets in the hour, out of about 150 the entire group sent out,” says John Carberry, managing editor and social media officer for CALS Communications. “Our tweets Friday reached more than 20,000 people, and they’re still being retweeted.

“It was a bit crazy, but it definitely spread the word.,” he adds.

Check out the BHL Storify of the TwitterChat to get a feel for what transpired.

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