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Botanical art brightens up ‘Garden Floor’

For the hundreds of students and others who pass through and congregate on the ‘Garden Floor’ of Plant Science Building, the hallways just got cheerier: Three 5- by 7-foot acrylic on canvas murals by Ithaca artist Kellie Cox-Brady now adorn the walls.

Already an established artist, Cox-Brady honed her horticultural art skills by taking online botanical illustration courses developed by Marcia Eames-Sheavly. And she helped Eames-Sheavly create a third advanced course.

“Gardens surround our building. The whole idea was to bring some of that color and inspiration we get from plants indoors, year-round,” says Eames-Sheavly. “I think Kellie did just that.”

A new round of online botanical illustration courses starts June 3.

Larger view.

Cox-Brady's three paintings hang in the halls of the 'Garden Floor' of the Plant Science Building.

Cox-Brady’s three paintings hang in the halls of the ‘Garden Floor’ of the Plant Science Building.

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