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Spring 2013 periodiCALS

Collections caseThe Spring 2013 issue of periodiCALS explores the work of the college’s scientists advancing our fundamental understanding of the mechanisms that regulate life and underpin the natural world around us. From the molecular mechanics of that most basic of building blocks, DNA, to the patois of patterns in evolution and communication, these intrepid explorers provide the foundation for innovation and practical problem-solving, using both traditional and state-of-the-art tools. Plus, meet the people behind some of CALS’ incredible research collections, as well as innovative alumni.

Photographer Robyn Wishna used this case on the first floor of Plant Sciences Building to simulate a 16th century Wünderkammer (“wonder chamber”) for the lead image for the article on CALS’ research collections. Known also as a cabinet or room of curiosities, such collections were the progenitors of the modern museum, a way for those fascinated by the wonders of the natural world to collect and codify such marvels.

Bruce Reisch and the release of new grape varieties is featured in ‘Around the Quad’ on page 3.  And Susheng Gan’s senescence research is featured on page 17.

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