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Nina BassukTraining to Spot Tree Decay Is Urged for Parks Workers [New York Times 5/30/2012] – Nina Bassuk (right), director of the Urban Horticulture Institute: “If you see a limb hanging off, that’s pretty obvious,” she said. “But it’s a very skilled thing to look at tree hazard evaluation. It’s an educated and deliberate process. It would be a concerted effort to train people, but it would definitely be worthwhile.”

Tomato genome gets fully sequenced — paves way to healthier fruits, veggies [Cornell Chronicle 5/30/2012] – “Tomato genetics underlies the potential for improved taste every home gardener knows and every supermarket shopper desires, and the genome sequence will help solve this and many other issues in tomato production and quality,” said James Giovannoni, a scientist at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (BTI, which located on the Cornell campus) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) who leads the U.S. tomato sequencing team. See also New York Times article.

Cornell strikes gold with two new raspberries [The Grower 5/30/2012] – More ink for Double Gold and Crimson Night from Courtney Weber‘s berry breeding program.

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