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Wolfe to chair climate change panel Feb. 14

From Cornell Chronicle article:

David WolfeWeek of events on climate change marks Darwin Days 2012

For the sixth year, the Cornell-affiliated Paleontological Research Institution celebrates the Charles Darwin’s ideas and his 203rd birthday with a variety of public events, including several panel discussions featuring Cornell faculty members. Among the events:

Feb. 14, Climate Change and Our Gardens, Farms and Natural Landscapes, panel discussion chaired by David Wolfe with panelists Jonathan Comstock, Larry Chase and Joseph Yavitt, 5 p.m., 162 Goldwin Smith Hall.

“Climate change is in the news as an issue of the present and the future, but climate change has happened many times in the past, and has had dramatic effects on biological evolution, including the emergence of humans,” said Warren Allmon, director of PRI and the Hunter R. Rawlings III Professor of Paleontology at Cornell. “Studying the effects of climate change in Earth history doesn’t just tell us about the past. It can also tell us a lot about the future.”

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