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De-stress on Mann Library’s lobby lawn.

A little lawn in the Mann Library lobby.

A little lawn in the Mann Library lobby.

With advice from turf specialist Frank Rossi, Gilad Meron (DEA ’12) installed a little lawn in the northeast corner of Mann Library‘s lobby.

From the signage:

Yes, it’s real grass.

Yes, you can sit, lay down and roll around on the grass, but please don’t stomp on it.

The grass is part of the exhibit. Various professors in Human Ecology have done research on the restorative benefits of nature. Instead of telling you about this, we decided to show you.

So sit, relax, lay down, and enjoy the grass!

Rossi says the grass should last a week or two, depending on traffic.

Additional exhibits in the library lobby chronicle the paths that College of Human Ecology faculty and students have forged over the past century, highlighting the people and principles that have helped make the College a world leader in research, teaching and science-based extension.


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