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Climate change webinar

From Allison Chatrchyan, Cornell Cooperative Extension Energy & Climate Change Team. Visit the Cornell Climate Change website.

Note: Webinar is limited to for Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension staff, administration and board members.

Art DeGaetano

Art DeGaetano

Please Join us for a Webinar “Climate Change Basics: A Primer on Climate Change Science & Impacts in New York,” with Dr. Art DeGaetano, Cornell University Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Science.

Webinar Details:

Monday, September 26, 2011 from 1:00-2:30pm for CU and CCE staff, administration and board members

Sponsored by the statewide Cornell Cooperative Extension Energy and Climate Change Initiative and Cornell Climate Change PWT

Feel free to share this information with others who might be interested.

Climate change is already affecting New York – trees are budding earlier in the spring, summer heat waves are more common, and when it rains, it pours! Long-term climate data confirm that average summer temperature in New York is already 2°F warmer than in 1970, winter temperature is 4°F warmer, and the water cycle is being affected.

What is the science behind the changing climate? What are the complex impacts we are already seeing to New York’s temperature, growing season, and water resources? This webinar will provide a background overview of the science of global climate change – how the earth’s climate works, why and how we know it is warming – and how climatologists are able to downscale climate change projections to New York State. Dr. DeGaetano will also discuss changes we are already seeing to NY’s climate, to provide a basis for what educators need to know to start communicating with the audiences they work with: farmers, land managers, nursery owners, municipalities and communities. We will also introduce some new resources and planned projects from the Cornell Climate Change PWT for educating audiences in NYS.

What you need:

What to do:

  • Shortly before the conference starts, point your web browser to either by clicking on this link or typing it into your browser address line. When the login page appears, click on the “Enter as Guest” button if not already selected, type in the first and last name as you would like it to appear on screen, and then click on the “Enter Room” button. You should join the conference shortly.
  • Call 1-877-366-0711 (toll free). When prompted, enter the participant code 87184742 followed by the pound sign. I will confirm that you are connected and can hear as we start the conference. Please mute your phone when not speaking, and turn off your computer speakers.

Questions? Contact Allison Chatrchyan: 845.677.8223 x 136 or

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