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N.Y. vegetables rebound in 2010

Stephen ReinersFrom Stephen Reiners (right), Associate Professor, Horticulture, Cornell University who issues an annual vegetable crop summary based on statistics from the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets:

After a cold, rainy summer in 2009 reduced yields, 2010 turned out to be a more profitable year for New York Vegetable growers. The fresh market side saw planted acres stay around 88,000 and the value of 14 crops for which statistics are kept increased to almost $450 million, from a low of $386 million in 2009.

The value increase was due, unfortunately, to higher per acre yields as average prices declined compared to 2009. Cabbage edged out sweet corn to be the highest valued crop in New York, worth almost $75 million. For fresh market crops, sweet corn continues to be grown on the most acres at 23,500.

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