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Produce-safety program gets $1.15 million

Visit the GAPs websiteFrom Feb. 3 Cornell Chronicle article by Amanda Garris, New produce-safety program gets $1.15 million to help farmers comply with new regulations.

” … A new National Good Agricultural Practices Program at Cornell’s New York Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva will help farmers navigate the new regulations with a $1.15 million grant over three years. …

“Senior Extension Associate [in the Department of Food Science] Elizabeth Bihn, the Produce Safety Alliance project director, explains that training in good agricultural practices or ‘GAPs’ can help growers minimize the risk of contamination by identifying potential contamination culprits from water, workers, manure, transportation and packing. ‘We don’t yet know exactly what will be required of growers [by new FDA food safety standards], but the fundamentals of GAPs haven’t changed. Farmers need to understand the risks, implement practices to reduce risks, and develop a farm food safety plan.'”

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