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Dreer Award winner featured in N.Z. press

erin's blogDreer Award winner Erin Marteal (’10 MPS Public Garden Leadership), in New Zeland investigating the use of permaculture in public gardens, is featured in the article Teacher studies unique plot in the Nov. 10 edition of the Hamilton Press:

“[Marteal] is hosted by the Hamilton Permaculture Trust and aims to make a detailed study of the approach to permaculture used in the gardens’ Sustainable Backyard, and the way it is used as a functioning garden and for environmental education set in the context of a major urban public garden. …

‘‘’I plan to use the lessons I learn here as a template to help environmental educators and park managers in the US.’’’

Read the whole article.

See also previous post Where in the world is Erin Marteal? and Erin’s blog Permaculture in Public Gardens.

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