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I’ve been overwhelmed lately with videos featuring Department faculty, staff, students and programs. Normally I’d feature them individually. But instead I’m clearing out the backlog.

Assistant professor Justine Vanden Heuvel is featured in a video from the President’s Council of Cornell Women. PCCW is a group of highly accomplished alumnae working to enhance the involvement of women students, faculty, staff, and alumnae as leaders within Cornell University and its many communities.

In 2008, Justine received a PCCW Affinito-Stewart Grant to support her work predicting flavors and aromas in wine (“Creating Grapevine Canopy Exposure Maps to Predict Fruit and Wine Quality”). Justine has developed computational tools that can be used in the vineyard midway through the growing season to help predict what the flavors and aromas will be in the final product, the wine, which she explains in this CornellCast video.

Here are some more recent videos:

And finally, in CU in the Kitchen: Fall Harvest Dinner with Steve Miller, Cornell Senior Executive Chef Steven Miller showcases preparations for the 5th Annual Fall Harvest Dinner, featuring local, regional, and New York State produce, dairy products, beef, and much more. Click on video to right to view excerpt where Miller extols the virtues of sweet corn and potatoes from the Homer C. Thompson Research Farm in Freeville, N.Y.

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