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They said it

“The most problematic issue, bar none, is soil compaction.”

Nina Bassuk, Department of Horticulture, in a May 26 New York Times article about planting so-called “hell strips” between sidewalks and streets.

Nina Bassuk
“Growing things upside down seems like a fad to me, but I’m glad people are fooling around with it and hope they will let us traditionalist gardening snobs know what we’ve been missing.”

Chris Wien, Department of Horticulture, in the May 19 New York Times article Growing Vegetables Upside Down.

Chris Wien
“Anybody doing urban agriculture today should thank him personally.”

–Michael Hurwitz, director of of the New York City Greenmarket, on John Ameroso, who retired in March from Cornell Cooperative Extension-NYC after a nearly 35-year career establishing urban food gardens and mini-farms. Read more in the May 18 New York Times article An Urban Farming Pioneer Sows His Own Legacy.

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