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Buy ‘Cornell Seeds’ at Cornell Orchards

Via Deb Clover, Sales Manager, Cornell Orchards:

Do you like to garden and want to try something new? We are now selling seed packets of select vegetable cultivars developed by Cornell’s breeding programs:

  • ‘Sweet REBA’ – a disease-resistant early bush acorn squash
  • ‘Honeynut’ – a miniature butternut squash
  • ‘Greenfinger’ – a Beit Alpha (European or English-type) cucumber
  • ‘Success PM’ – a straightneck yellow summer squash
  • ‘PMR Delicious 51’ – a muskmelon
  • Hannah’s Choice – a muskmelon

These cultivars are unique and delicious, they have resistance to common disease problems, and they produce high yields in upstate New York and beyond. Proceeds from sales of these special seeds benefit Synapsis, the graduate student organization of Cornell’s Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics.

Also: Our cider sale continues (buy one, get one free half-gallons and gallons) and many apple varieties are also buy one, get one free. Spend $25 and get a free reusable Cornell Orchards shopping bag.

Open Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. through early May. Directions and more information at the Cornell Orchards website.

Seed packets are also available at Manndible Cafe in Mann Library.

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