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Cut flower trial summary

cutflower_reportx250Chris Wien’s 2009 Cut Flower Trials summary is now available online. The summary includes trials in the field as well as in high tunnels — which extended the harvest season for local cut flower growers earlier in the spring and later in the fall.

Trial summaries include:

  • Sunflower Bud Elimination Experiments
  • Rudbeckia Photoperiod Light Gradient Trial
  • Rudbeckia Photoperiod Lighting Study
  • Godetia Transplant Study
  • Lisianthus Transplant Study
  • Larkspur Topping Trial
  • Stock (Matthiola) Topping Trial
  • Stock Date of Planting Trial
  • Sunflower Daylength Screening Test
  • High Tunnel Tulip Trial
  • Variety trials for 10 different cut flowers

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