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Susheng Gan seminar

Susheng GanOur own Susheng Gan will deliver Fridays’s Plant Biology Seminar at 11:15a.m. in 404 Plant Science.

His topic:

Towards molecular understanding and genetic manipulation of plant senescence for enhancing crop yield and bioenergy production.


My research has been directed to decipher the molecular regulatory mechanisms underlying plant senescence (leaf senescence in particular) and, based on our molecular findings, to devise means to manipulate the senescence processes for agricultural improvement. We have made significant progresses in this regard. This seminar will first highlight our research activities and achievements, and then will present our recent unpublished results involving a leaf senescence-specific transcription factor network in Arabidopsis. The seminar will also demonstrate how we successfully translate the basic findings into enhancement of crop yield and bioenergy production.

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