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Trachelium 'Helios'

Trachelium ‘Helios’

Trachelium caeruleum


  • Like lisianthus, trachelium has very small seeds that need to be pelleted to be visible.
  • Germination takes 2 weeks, and seedling growth is also slow, requiring 10 to 12 weeks from sowing to transplanting.
  • Seed should be sown on the soil surface, since seed requires light for germination.
  • Seedling growth conditions are not as exacting as for lisianthus, but they should be grown at 70 F day , 60 F night temperature.

Trachelium 'Dafne White' grown outside (left) or in the high tunnel (right).

Trachelium ‘Dafne White’ grown outside (left) or in the high tunnel (right).


  • Spacing of 9 x 9 in. on a 4-ft. bed produces good yield of high quality stems.
  • First harvest comes about 10 weeks after transplanting in the high tunnel, and continues until early to mid-October.
  • Stems are stiff and erect, and do not require support.
  • Flower quality with regard to stem length and vibrant colors is much better in the high tunnel than when grown outdoors.
Trachelium 'Summer Pandora'

Trachelium ‘Summer Pandora’


  • Variety choices for Northeastern conditions are relatively limited due to the long growing season required for this crop.
  • Flower colors are limited to greenish-white, pink, blue and dark purple.
  • Flowers make excellent fillers in arrangements with lisianthus.

Postharvest Handling:

  • Trachelium has a vase life of 2 weeks in water.
  • Flowers should be harvested when one quarter of the florets are open.

For more information, see: Armitage, A.M. and J.M. Laushman. 2003. Specialty Cut Flowers, 2nd Edition. Timber Press, 586 pp. Available through ASCFG.

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