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Calendula 'Art Shades Mixed'

Calendula ‘Art Shades Mixed’

Calendula officinalis


  • Calendula is easily grown from seed.
  • It germinates readily with relatively large seeds that do not need light for germination.
  • It can be direct-seeded or transplanted after 4 to 6 weeks.


  • For a fall crop in Zone 5, sow seeds in early to mid-July.
  • Transplants spaced at 9 x 9 in. make good growth with vigorous branching.
  • Plants tolerate light frost but should be protected by low tunnels against lower temperatures.
  • Aphids and powdery mildew are two common pests of calendula in high tunnels.


  • Member of the Aster family, the flowers have outer ray florets and inner disk florets.
  • Ray florets vary in color from yellow to dark orange, and pink.
  • Disk florets may be dark orange to almost black.
  • Some varieties have fully double flowers with no disk florets apparent.
  • Flower are edible, with a light tangy flavor, if harvested in the open stage.
  • Most varieties have stems of 12 to 15 in. length, but some extend to 24 in.

Postharvest Handling:

  • Calendula flowers last about a week in a vase at room temperature.
  • Harvest when flowers are half open.

For more information, see: Armitage, A.M. and J.M. Laushman. 2003. Specialty Cut Flowers, 2nd Edition. Timber Press, 586 pp. Available through ASCFG.

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