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Field day at East Ithaca High Tunnel

Growers and educators learn about high tunnels at field day at Cornell’s East Ithaca Farm facility.

The goal of this website is to help farmers profit from the use of high tunnels to extend their growing season and produce higher quality vegetables, fruit and flowers.

It grows out of research and extension efforts by a team of Cornell faculty, Cornell Cooperative Extension educators and growers, supported over the years by Hatch and Smith-Lever funds as well as grants from the New York Farm Viability Institute, the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program, the Northeast Region of USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and education program (NE-SARE) and others.

The information here was gleaned from research at Cornell’s East Ithaca research farm and other facilities, trials conducted on growers farms, and the experiences of growers around New York state.

Specific goals of this effort include:

  • Identifying crops that can be profitably grown in high tunnels in New York State.
  • Devising cropping systems for high tunnels that allow sustained, economically feasible production while minimizing insect pest and disease buildup.
  • Identifying appropriate management practices, including temperature and wind management, for high tunnels in New York State.
  • Publicizing findings of applied research through winter meetings, summer field days and this website.

Questions about the website or blog: Craig Cramer or Cordelia Hall

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