Art Competition

CIHF held its first annual art competition in 2016, open to all Cornell University students, of works reflecting its mission integrating health, hospitality and design to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living and related industries.  Congratulations to the top 3 winners:

Picture of two people with different skin tones holding hands, made up of hundreds of smaller pictures, by Bella Zhao, submitted for the CIHF art competition

1st place: “Empathy” by Bella Zhao, Landscape Architecture ‘16

Painting of a yellow-whitish, wispy, round figure, called Morning Light, by Mane Mehrabyan, Daniel Villegas Cruz, and Hanna Dorpfeld, submitted for the CIHF art competition

2nd place: “Morning Light” by Mane Mehrabyan ’17, Daniel Villegas Cruz ’18, and Hannah Dorpfeld ‘17

Picture of a serenely flowing waterfall, by Jordan Adbur-Raoof, submitted for the CIHF art competition

3rd place: “Let Life Flow Through You” by Jordan Abdur-Raoof, SHA ’18

Stop by the CIHF suite, 3250 MVR Hall, to see the winning works.

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