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Joining the Lab:

Postdocs, undergraduates and graduate students are invited to join the lab at any time. We welcome individuals who would like to gain and share experience in studies of invertebrate pathogens and symbionts.  Our specific interests include host-microbe interactions (on ecological, organismal and cellular levels), microbial ecology, epizootiology, population structure of microbes associated with invertebrates, and biological control.  Graduate student projects could focus on any aspects of the biology, epizootiology and evolution of microbes (especially pathogenic microbes and entomopathogenic nematodes) that are associated with insects, as well as insect responses to these natural enemies, from behavioral to immunological.

Graduate students and postdocs will be encouraged to develop and pursue independent projects tailored to their own interests, which they can take with them when they leave. Undergraduate students will be able to gain research experience by participation in the ongoing lab projects.

Please contact Ann Hajek to discuss possible research projects and funding opportunities.

Professor Ann Hajek
Cornell University
Dept. of Entomology
6126 Comstock Hall
Ithaca NY 14853-2601
Phone: (607) 254-4902
Google Scholar profile:

Undergraduate Students

Credit-bearing courses, honors research, volunteer or paid positions can provide a framework for research experience in the lab. Information about these opportunities is available on the following websites: CALS Undergraduate Research Opportunities, CALS Research Honors Program, Cornell Presidential Research Scholars and Cornell’s student job website.

Prospective Graduate Students

Please apply to the Cornell University Graduate School in the Entomology Graduate Field.

Prospective Post-Docs

Funding for specific projects is periodically available in the lab.

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