Night Life

Alternate title: I should stop taking photos at night without a tripod.

Warning: This post contains photographs that may be unsuitable for viewership by any semi-competent photographer.  Photos in this post are completely unfocused and quite possibly overexposed.  User discretion is advised in viewing the rest of this post.

[In other words, I apologize for the fact that some of my pictures look like they were taken one-handed while I was riding through a jungle on a mountain bike, except that I took all my photos standing still.]

For me, a late night is staying up to 11:30.  If I’m up that late, I’m working on an assignment, working for Cornell Productions, or very occasionally out with AAIV for a special event.  Over the past week, for one reason or another, I’ve been outside a lot after sunset and managed to take some blurry pictures capture some scenes around campus.

Such as the view from the slope, overlooking West Campus:

Last night was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and after AAIV, I stopped by on my way back to West Campus.  It was kind of like a more crowded, noisier, and darker version of the career fair (which I also briefly checked out earlier in the week) with less suits and heels.  Also, it kind of has a different purpose than career fair (it was originally a harvest festival).

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Cornell, Asian and Asian American groups collaborate to put together booths with games, food, and performances.  This year, it was held on Ho Plaza, which meant that we could see the clock tower, which was celebrating something a little different:

The red face of the clock tower isn’t my terrible photography; the homecoming game was the next day.  For special occasions, they change the color of the clock face, and in this case, the red was for the upcoming football game, since our school color is red.  Specifically, Carnelian red.  (As opposed to crimson, which belongs to a certain other school that shall not be named.)

And what would the Mid-Autumn Festival (also called the Moon Festival) be without the moon?

Now for something that has nothing to do with homecoming or the Mid-Autumn Festival but is still pretty cool.  Thursday night, the night before I had a big problem set due, I was at office hours.  As I was coming out of the building, I noticed three large objects on the patch of grass next to the sidewalk.  The objects started moving.

That’s right, there were three deer right there.  Welcome to Ithaca.