And with this post, I would have been officially caught up if I had finished posting during winter break.  I skipped a fair number of things I did, but I think I hit the highlights.  They’re better than the lowlights, anyway.  Since classes ended very early in the month, December was my most unscheduled month since last May, but even that felt more structured, probably because of the five hundred finals I had to take.  (Not really.  I only had two actual finals, but also a final essay, two large final projects, and one small to medium-ish project.)

Anyway, I spent the first weekend after classes ended doing things.  There was hockey, and a friend’s concert, and our last lab report, which my group spent eight and a half hours in Olin writing, which was just as terrible as it sounds.  The two days after that, I went into lab, and otherwise mainly relaxed, with a bit of work thrown in occasionally.  On Wednesday and Thursday, I spent more time in lab and worked on a problem set and presentation for one of my classes.  The problem set was turned in on Friday morning, the presentation given on Friday afternoon, and that evening was the holiday party.  The holiday party is a dinner that ChemE seniors, grad students, faculty, and staff are all invited to.  It’s held in Statler, so the food is good, and there are skits that aim to capture the ChemE experience.  It’s a great way to end the semester.

Sunset behind the law school, seen while working on a problem set

Sunset behind the law school, seen while working on a problem set

Except that, you know, my semester wasn’t over yet.  I still had a report and a final for my last class, and five grad school applications, and then, only then, could I go home.  I spent the weekend trying to finish my applications, except there’s nothing like the common app for grad school – some of the applications even vary depending on which department you’re applying to – so I had to enter things like my name, address, birth day, life history, etc., into every single form.  It was almost worse than writing lab reports.  Actually, it was worse than writing lab reports.  The most fun form was the one that had no less than seventeen sections that had to be completed in order.  I finally submitted the applications over a few days, turning in the last one at nine pm on the night it was due.

After that, I still had a final to study for and a report for my last class.  I worked on the report with my group the same day the applications were due (by that time I only had a couple things to wrap up), leaving me the day of the final to study for it.  Fortunately, it was at night.  When the final ended, I promptly went back to my apartment, messaged a friend, and proceeded to drink the night away.  If by drink the night away you mean shared a single bottle of beer between the two of us.

Two days later, I boarded a bus for home, where I enjoyed such activities as watching movies, reading, eating, and sleeping.

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