Our only full month of summer.  Our only full month of ridiculous adventures, which this month included hiking, biking, hockey, a play, and klezmer music.

I found out that biking to my church was actually not too far, and proceeded to bike to church on and off for the rest of the summer.  It was nice to use my bike for transportation instead of just recreation.  Not having a car easily available for the summer meant my roommate and I did a lot of biking, as well as bus riding and walking.  Our latest record is just over 13 miles, which we hiked near the end of the month on the Cayuga Trail.  I take responsibility for coming up with the idea, but my roommate agreed to it.

We set out early on a Saturday morning because we weren’t sure how long it would take us to hike the 8.5 mile trail and get back to our apartment.  The first part of the trail winds through campus and the Plantations before continuing on its journey up Fall Creek.  We picked a horribly humid, hot, and mosquito-ridden day to hike, and I had a wonderful time.  If you’re looking for scenic vistas and thundering waterfalls, you’re not going to get them on the Cayuga Trail.  If you’re interested in a nice walk through forests next to a creek in the Finger Lakes region, hike the Cayuga Trail.

Bluffs along the Cayuga Trail

Bluffs along the Cayuga Trail

We had been at the Plantations (the Arboretum) earlier in the summer for Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, put on by the Ithaca Shakespeare Company.  Student tickets on a Thursday night were only five dollars.  (If I remember correctly, the only two activities my roommate and I paid for all summer, excepting a couple meals out, were the Museum of the Earth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.)  I’ve read A Midsummer Night’s Dream before so I could follow the play.  It was fun and entertaining, and the only complaint I have is against the sound.  Having experience working sound as well as having spent over a decade in band, I can probably hear funny noises in the system and out of tune notes better than the average person, but this wasn’t even a fine tuning problem.  The system was just flat out not picking up the actors’ voices very well.  Not a deal breaker, but it was definitely distracting to the performance.

One of our other performances of the month was a (free) concert by the Klez Project at the Schwartz Center.  My roommate, friend, and I were in the, shall we say, younger portion of the audience.  I happen to enjoy klezmer music, but I can also sit through hour-long classical epics and country music, so judge my musical taste as you see fit.

Finally, hockey in summer?  Indeed.  For one weekend only, the pep band appeared at summer hockey games – an alumni game and a charity game.  It was disconcerting to leave Lynah in shorts when it was still bright, but we coped.  Because hockey.