The Last Two Weeks and Prelim Woes

Since my last post, I’ve taken my final three prelims of the semester, (mostly) completed the last two experiments for orgo lab, and turned in three problem sets and two critiques in the two days before Thanksgiving break.  I managed to take six out of my seven prelims on left-handed desks, but for the final prelim of the semester, we were kicked out of our own building by a CS class (CS 3110).  Not cool.  The class had to split up into two smaller rooms with a shortage (though not a complete and utter lack) of left-handed desks and by the time I got to the prelim room, there were people sitting next to all the left-handed desks.

It wasn’t the worst room I’ve taken a prelim in; that honor goes to Call Auditorium.  The desks are approximately the size of four postage stamps and at any given time someone is lunging for their test because their desk has fallen down.  Again.  I mean, why would anyone even think about making a desk that stays horizontal?  That’s so 1950s.  Now we have hover paper and mind outlets where you don’t need to write with your hands; you just think and the words appear on the paper.  Oh, wait.  We don’t.

I do have a funny story about another prelim in a large auditorium.  I think it was my first differential equations prelim and I had settled in and was waiting for the test to be passed out.  As it got nearer to the start time for the prelim, people were still coming in and having trouble finding seats.  Since the prelim was scheduled to start in just a few minutes, the TAs started handing out exam booklets.  Some people near the front started to get confused, which was when the mystery of the missing seats was solved.  There were students from two different classes in the auditorium.  Either Cornell double booked the auditorium or someone made a mistake.  And I don’t think it was the engineers, because we actually needed a room that size.  The other class was an ILR class with three a few dozen people in it.

And now that I’ve discussed just a few of the horrible things that can happen during a prelim (I’ve got plenty more, including the time we listened to pipes clanking and hissing for ninety minutes straight and the time we were sent to the wrong prelim room.) here are some pictures of the current snow:

That’s the same waterfall from my last post.

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