Winter is Coming

I walked to my fifth prelim of the semester in snow last night, and this morning, the slope had turned white.  Ithaca’s twelve five months of winter are beginning.

But I’m actually not going to complain about the weather right now.  Last Tuesday it was over 60 degrees and I went for a walk in shorts and a t-shirt.  I was actually just going to Collegetown on an errand but as I was heading back to West, I decided it was so nice out that I should check out a trail that I walked past a few times a week all summer.  It turns out there’s a short trail-like path behind the engineering quad that loops around a section of the creek.

After walking back to the start of the trail, I decided the weather really was too nice to waste, so I then went up to North Campus and walked the entire way around Beebe Lake.  A lot of the leaves had already fallen, but the sun was out, and the walk was totally worth it.

And then I got back to my room and had an organic chemistry problem set and quiz, pre-lab, a lab report, and creative writing critiques to complete, as well as the first of three prelims in eight days to study for.

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