This year homecoming was later than usual, occurring after fall break and on the same day as the Red/White hockey scrimmage, in which Cornell plays Cornell.  For the first time, I went to the fireworks show at Schoellkopf Field on Friday night.  All my pictures are pretty awful, except for this picture of the marching band:

There were a few dance groups that performed, and the marching band played the fight song (“Give My Regards to Davy”) as they came into the stadium and performed another piece before the fireworks.  It was fun, and fortunately not too cold . . .

Unlike the next day.  I left my room after lunch intending to go to the tailgate for awhile, work in Olin for a couple hours before the football game (yes, really), see as much of the football game as I could, go back to West for dinner, pick up my clarinet and music from my room, and go to the Red/White game with the pep band.  Note that until I get my clarinet, I do not return to my room.  This is important because I left West after lunch in shorts.  I did have two jackets, but I was wearing shorts.

We were walking around during the tailgate, so it didn’t feel too cold, then I went inside.  At the game, however, we sat while play stopped every 3.2 seconds (I played soccer, where the longest stoppage is about 3.2 seconds) and by halftime, with Cornell losing 0-17, I decided it would be good to leave before frostbite set in.  But not before the band’s halftime show.

Hockey that night was great, with the band and the teams (men’s and women’s) splitting up between red and white teams.  Lynah was regrettably empty (there was apparently also a concert that night), leaving it to the bands to heckle each other.  At the end, the men’s team got into a fight that I hope wasn’t actually a fight, because really?  The ref’s solution was to kick both lines off the ice and bring on the women’s team.  By the way, this is what happens when you fight (look under the score):

And yes, I am very aware that the hashtag they actually wanted me to use was #CUHome

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