The Four Seasons

Now that Ithaca finally seems to be moving past winter, I thought I would celebrate by doing a photographic representation of the four seasons of Cornell.

When the academic year starts, Cornell is experiencing the season known as pre-winter.  Pre-winter is characterized by grey skies and rain.  Somewhere in the middle of pre-winter there will be a week of nonstop rain.


As fall semester winds down, the next season, winter, approaches.  In winter, temperatures at Cornell drop well below freezing, with windchills in the negative region of the Fahrenheit temperature scale.  There is also snow, accumulation of which can range from dustings to over a foot, and the sky is grey in winter.


After returning from winter break, Cornell students endure more winter until about early/mid-March, when post-winter begins.  Post-winter can be recognized by its grey skies and absurd weather, which includes rain that turns into sleet that turns into hail that turns into snow, all within four hours or so.


The last season, summer, arrives shortly after spring semester finals end.  Summer lasts until shortly before fall semester starts.  I seem to be unable to locate a picture of this elusive season.

3 thoughts on “The Four Seasons

  1. What is it that they say about New York, New England, and other northerly latitudes of the US? Six months of winter and six months of bad ice skating. 🙂 Though Ithaca has the most beautiful summers.

    • I’ve heard that summer in Ithaca is nice. Right now I’m just wondering why I went further north for college. . . .

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