The Finals Countdown

I have actually been done taking finals since last Friday, but I have one last assignment to complete before I can leave for break.  In the meantime, I’ve been going bouldering, baking, making Star Wars snowflakes, wandering aimlessly around campus . . . in short, everything I haven’t had time to do this semester.

We’ve had a fair amount of snow accumulation, about half a foot or so over three or four days.  Yesterday it snowed again.  Today it’s almost 40 degrees outside.  Whatever, Ithaca.

The engineering quad last weekend.

The slope this morning (first blue sky in a week)

I attempted unsupervised baking for the first time last week, which involved a total of four ingredients, one of which was water.  The other three were flour, butter, and cheese.  I had to hand grate the cheese.  Using a peeler.  Last night I expanded my ingredients list to include sugar, cinnamon, and apples, and made mini apple pies in my muffin tin with a friend.

And the other day I spent one and a half hours cutting out a Star Wars snowflake.  It was completely worth the time and effort.

Given that this is a Star Wars snowflake, what is it a snowflake of?  Do not say a house.

Credit to for the pattern

When I first came to Cornell last year, seniors were telling me how each semester goes by faster than the last.   It was just one of those things that they said, and I’d go, “Yeah, sure, and when am I going to be done with my writing seminar?”  Well, so far it’s true.  I wouldn’t say my first semester dragged on forever (obviously it didn’t last forever) but compared to the past four months, it was long.  It doesn’t feel like I’ve been at Cornell for another semester, but I guess I have.  And it was busy.  It was crazy.  But it was also a whole lot of fun.

So I guess I’m saying that you can – and should – enjoy college (yes, even if you are an engineer).  Happy holidays, everyone!  Don’t worry, I will be back.

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    • Correct 🙂
      There’s also a Yoda snowflake (and 22 others) . . . guess what I’ll be doing over winter break?

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