Thanksgiving Break (part 2, Madison Square Garden)

So I have apparently now been to the World’s Most Famous Arena, at least according to all the signs plastered around MSG (Madison Square Garden, not monosodium glutamate).  The story behind this trip is that over Thanksgiving break, the men’s hockey team plays a game at Madison Square Garden.  Since the pep band plays at almost all the men’s hockey games and I was abandoned stuck in Ithaca for the break, I went to MSG with the band for the game.

Unlike our absurdly early departure for an afternoon lacrosse game in Maryland last year (it was an NCAA playoff game, which is why we went), we left for New York City around 10:30 in the morning.  Five hours later, we were dropped off next to Times Square.  We were actually early, so we took a walk to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  It was incredibly crowded, and I say that having been to New York City before.  So after struggling through the crowds to Rockefeller Center, the tree was there, but it wasn’t lit.  Basically we walked however many blocks to see a dying version of something I can see from either my dorm or bedroom window.

We then walked back to where we had been dropped off to meet the bus at the bowling alley where some alumni wanted us to play a few songs.  They fed us dinner, so it was worth it.  There was a picture of the band that made it to the Cornell Chronicle.  My clarinet and right leg made an appearance (far right side of the picture).

After the food and mini-concert, we made the trek to MSG by foot, all ten or so blocks.  Someone explain to me why people see fifty people with instruments, walk into the middle of the group and stop, and then get confused if they get touched by anyone or anything.  We eventually made it to MSG, were allowed inside, played the Alma Mater for another pre-game event, and found our seats.  We were seated in the second level, close enough to see the puck on the ice, but getting far away enough to feel somewhere removed from the action.

As for the game itself, it was really cool to be playing at MSG, but there was a disappointing ending: Cornell lost 3-2 to Boston University.

Second period.  Of especial note: the at least half empty BU section on the side of the rink opposite from us.  The corresponding Cornell section was below us, and it was full.

It was still fun, and I’d do it again, but at the end of the trip, I couldn’t wait to get back to Ithaca.  Where I had two problem sets, a project, an essay, and two finals awaiting me to be completed in the span of two weeks.  Such is the life of an engineer.

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