Buzzword around these parts is busy (which completely explains why I have played 1871 1873 games of Minesweeper*).  This isn’t an advanced case of procrastinitis** speaking; I generally only procrastinate on anything involving reading or writing with more words than numbers.  In the case of my writing seminars last year, I would do math homework due the next week to avoid writing essays.  This year I may or may not have turned in an essay fifteen minutes before it was due.  In my defense, that week I also had a prelim, math and physical chemistry problem sets, and I worked for Cornell Productions the night before the essay and p-chem homework were due.

The last part might have been my fault, but I scheduled work before I knew I’d have both the p-chem homework and essay to do that night.  Besides, there are only so many hours in a row you can yell at Mathematica (the program we use to do our p-chem homework).  On the plus side, my newfound familiarity with the Greek alphabet is helping me to differentiate between all the fraternities on campus.

So for me, a typical week at Cornell goes like this: classes every day from nine to one, afternoon classes a couple days, an afternoon/evening break, then other activities.  I have pep band rehearsal once a week, and now that hockey season has started, games on Friday and Saturday nights.  AAIV meets twice a week, once for small group (like a Bible study) and once for large group (singing/prayer/a speaker).  Depending on the week, I may also have a Cornell Productions shift.  This semester, to cap things off, I have a prelim just about every single week.

On the weekends, I’ve been having hiking on Saturdays, but now that that’s ended, I’ll have more time to go to pep band events.  Which is to say, I’m probably not going to have any more time than I did while I had hiking for seven hours every Saturday.  Sunday mornings I go to church, and in the afternoons I’ve been playing soccer for my house (dorm) team.

A question concerned parents and/or students may now have is, when do I do my homework?  The answer is never at midnight on the day before assignments are due during the afternoons and evenings while I efficiently manage my time, in between saving the world from intergalactic space aliens and curing life-threatening diseases.  Seriously, though, this semester has managed to eclipse the insanity level of anything I experienced last year.  Either that or it was so traumatic I blocked it out of my memory.  Anyway, I do work between classes when I have longer (at least an hour) breaks, in the afternoons after class, or yes, late at night.

That’s when you become very glad you live near friends taking the same classes, because you can bond over shared experiences of hard work, perseverance, and determination suffer together.

*On a related note, someone messed with the Minesweeper algorithm somewhere between Windows Vista and Windows 7.  The whole point of Minesweeper as a logic game is that after a few clicks, you can definitively determine the location of every single mine.  Which means you should never end up with this (look along the left side of the picture):

I mean, come on.

**Not an official medical diagnosis

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