Engineering Materials for Energy and the Environment (EME2Lab) – Prof. Jillian Goldfarb

While the world faces many seemingly insurmountable challenges, insuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy for all its citizens is not only achievable, but of paramount importance to lifting the marginalized out of poverty and reversing climatic damage. By understanding how pollutants from energy generation impact the environment, and designing new processes to convert renewable sources to energy and materials that remove such pollutants, we can mitigate energy’s impact on the environment while enabling widespread access to modern energy for all.


Looking for a PhD Program?

We are always looking for outstanding Ph.D. students to join our team – students can join the EME2Lab as Ph.D. students in Biological & Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Materials Science & Engineering.

To succeed in the EME2Lab, students must have a strong background in thermodynamics and have degrees in materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, energy engineering, or environmental engineering. Students with MS/MEng degrees are highly encouraged to apply.

Please note: we are experimentalists – a willingness to get your hands dirty is a necessity!

For more information on admission to graduate programs at Cornell, check out:

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