Cornell Sheep and Goat Symposium

Handouts for 2014 Cornell Sheep & Goat Pre-symposium and Symposium

Hands-on Activies – Friday Oct 3rd, 2014

Hands-on skills

How to evaluate hayHay sample reports for 2014 and Summary of these reports (calculating fermentable fiber and comparing hays to animal needs)

Pasture Walk

Necropsy Practical


Symposium– Saturday October 4th, 2014

Introduction to sheep dairying in North AmericaProfessor Dave Thomas, Wisconsin
Wisconsin dairy sheep researchProfessor Dave Thomas, Wisconsin

Creating a fibershedHelen Trejo, Graduate Student, Cornell Apparel & Design
Establishing and maintaining Birdsfoot TrefoilJulie Hansen, Sr. Res. Assoc., Cornell Plant Breeding and Genetics

Expanding your grazing capacity

Managing pastures for organic goat & sheep productionDr. Jim Kotcon, Associate Professor, West Virginia University
Setting up a herd/flock management program and how your veterinarian can help – Dr. Mary Smith, DVM, Professor Cornell University
Predator management strategiesChad Fox, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services, Virginia

Control of coyote depredation in NYMartin Lowney, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services, New York
Keys to successful goat dairy managementRene’ DeLeeuw, Ayers Brook Goat Dairy
Genotypes of Cornell Dorset and Finnsheep compared with commercial Romneys for ability to lamb out of seasonChristian Posbergh, CU undergraduate honors student
Biology of maternal behavior at lambing timeNatasha Pettifor, PhD candidate Cornell Animal Sci.


Integrated Parasite Management – FAMACHA Certification Course

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