Upcoming Spring 2020 Events! COVID 19 Livestock Related Information
Thank you to everyone who participated in our winter events! If you would like a workshop repeated in your region, contact your local CCE office to ask if they could host one. Given the current Covid 19 situation, our Spring activities are currently cancelled or on hold. 

Dairy goat enthusiasts, SAVE THE DATE! The NYS Dairy Goat Breeders Association is thrilled to announce that the American Dairy Goat Association’s National Convention is scheduled for Oct 5 – 12th in Syracuse, NY. The Cornell Goat Program will be helping to plan the educational workshops at the event. Click here to view last year’s program which included over 75 workshops as well as the Spotlight Sale, cheese tastings, trade show, judges’ training, etc.

Handouts and Powerpoints from the 2019 Small Ruminant Management & Fiber Conference at Cornell now available! Videos taken during a few of the workshops will be up soon.

The mission of the Goat Program in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University is to improve the sustainability of goat farms in the Northeastern United States by providing educational resources and communication outlets to producers.

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