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Die Deutsche Bierkultur und Diskussion

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Geschichte Von Deutschen Biers


Die Duetsche Bierkultur



This oral assignment was different from the previous ones, in that it required a collaboration of three students. Usually, I rely on my own thoughts and German to complete an oral assignment, which allows me to work at my own pace. The time constraint made this assignment somewhat of a nuisance, in that I didn’t feel like we had adequate time to meet with each other and develop a “game plan.” Nonetheless, I was pleased with how well Alan, Alex and I worked together. I enjoyed the subject matter, because who’s kidding, we’re college students (two of us fraternity members)! Presenting in class in front of an audience was also a change that caught me a little off guard. However, I was successful in pacing myself and speaking clearly. Overall, I thought we performed very well and I enjoyed the project.

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  1. By: Carlye on August 24, 2011 at 4:05 pm      

    Thanks for the insight. It brngis light into the dark!

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