Julio O. Giordano, DVM, MS, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

St. John Family Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow in Dairy Cattle Management
Department of Animal Science
Cornell University

Our research program focuses on dairy cattle reproductive physiology, health management, and the implications of health and reproductive performance on the economics of dairy farms. Our research integrates basic and applied components to enhance the reproductive performance, health, and productivity of cows thus, the economic viability of dairy farms. Our basic research focuses on the elucidation of physiological mechanisms controlling ovarian function and establishment and maintenance of pregnancy in dairy cattle.

Our applied program focuses on developing new and simplifying established reproductive and health management programs for dairy cattle. A key component of our research efforts is to support the development and the on-farm implementation of new technologies to simplify reproductive and health management programs to enhance the reproductive and productive potential of dairy cattle. Integrating biology, management, and economics in simulation models to predict the behavior of dairy systems is also a major interest of our research. Our ultimate goal is to develop decision-support systems to improve decision-making in dairy farms. The breadth of research performed in our laboratory requires to perform intensive research studies at the Dairy Unit of the Cornell University Ruminant Center (CURC) whereas applied research studies are conducted in cooperation with commercial dairy farms which provides access to large number of cows.

Dr. Giordano is also a member of the Cornell Center of Dairy Excellence. This Center of Excellence (dairy.cornell.edu) exists to connect the over 100 faculty and staff at Cornell with expertise in the dairy industry.  These dairy experts engage in research, extension outreach and teaching and come from numerous departments across the Cornell campus, spanning the colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, and Veterinary Medicine.  Focus areas include preventative medicine and herd health, dairy production management,

Cornell University Ithaca

food safety, epidemiology, worker training, industry relations and many others. The goals of the Center include facilitating collaboration and funding opportunities, enhancing the visibility of dairy expertise at Cornell, and improving teaching and the dairy education experience for both students and stakeholders, within and beyond our land-grant colleges. The Center also strives to improve all facets of the dairy system, addressing environmental sustainability issues, animal welfare, the general economic health of producers and processors and providing quality, nutritious products to consumers. Through these combined efforts, we leverage the intellectual and administrative resources of the university in combination with those of our stakeholders, both dairy producers and processors.   Our goal is thus to address agricultural issues important to our region and our country, and to promote the communities that they support.